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What I want Julian to know

You are so precious to me in every way, my first born.You are so beautiful inside and out and it's so special the bond we have that noone else has with you.You are my son and I love you so very much.I love to watch you running and playing outside, I love it when you rub my head when you know I am upset and you tell me "mommy I love you more than candy" ,I love to see you show compassion towards your brother when we get onto him and you run and get him a toy and rub his head.I would not change anything about you and I love you for who you are.I have hopes and dreams of me having some imprint on you and your adult life, so Son this is what I want you to know:
1.No matter what you do in life, always put God first.There is nothing in this world more important than our Creator and having a strong relationship with Him.Rely on Him and you can make it through anything.He is our Creator and He created you just perfect!
2.It's ok to cry.Boys cry,girls cry, men cry ,and babies cry. It is a natural response our body does and there is nothing wrong with it. (as long as you don't whine!!!!)
3:Find something you absolutely love and do it!

3.Our Earth and resources are precious so make sure you always recycle and reuse.Be cautious of what you do because it all has a strong impact on our Earth and be careful of what you eat!Eat healthy and exercise or else....
4.Enjoy nature and all the fun and unique finds that are in it.The things you can create, imagine, and find are endless!Breathe in the air and play hide and go seek, play ball, get some exercise and have fun!
5.It is important to be responsible and be able to pick up after yourself.When you are married, I hope you help your wife out with the house work and take pride in yourself and your home. Don't  be a slob!
6.Last but not least,always love your brother and appreciate him.I hope you will stay close with him and remember..... noone knows what you have went through in your life more than your brother!
You are Julian, you are full of energy, you are kind hearted, you are shy at times, you are very curious and you are a precious and beautiful little (sorry, big) boy!


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