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DIY hair mask

So,with all the crap that we put in our hair, every now and then I think we need to kinda repair/cleanse because from shampoo and conditioner, your hair can get this film on it and the different chemicals and sprays we put in it can cause split ends and damaged hair so here is a great DIY hair mask that you probably have at your house to make.Honey and olive oil!!
Honey/olive oil mask
1 Tbsp honey
3 Tbsp olive oil
So, here's what you do...mix them together and either simmer them together in a pot for about 5-10 min or put in mocrowave until it is hot enough for you to handle.
Wet your hair and ring the water out, put a little of the mix in your hands and start at your roots and work your way up to your scalp.Once it's all lathered in well, get a towel and wrap your hair for 30 minutes.
While your waiting play with your kids,get on pinterest,get on facebook or just watch tv and relax(maybe you could talk one of your kids into rubbing your feet).Next, rinse it out and don't condition, only shampoo(the mask conditioned your hair).And that's it!All natural hair repair mask!


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