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Tips on becoming a smarter shopper

I am all about saving money and eating healthy at the same time.Here are some tips on ways to becoming a smarter shopper:
Don't buy premade.
I have found things premade to be alot more expensive and I think I have 10 minutes to spare to cut/cook myself.I buy a chicken whole,roast it and can make 2-3 more meals with it.I buy dried beans,cook them and freeze them into 4 different containers and pop them out when I need it.I buy all my fruit whole(nothing precut).I also make my own tortillas,bread and waffles and double the recipe to freeze them and use when I need.It sounds like alot of work but if you can spare one day to do all your freezing,in the long run it makes your life easier.
Shop the perimeter
I have heard it so many times and it is very true.Most of what is in the aisles is processed,empty calories junk so get as little as you can.Not that it is all bad but the majority of it is.
Plan your meals
I think when you have a list made out and know exactly what you need,it makes things so much easier to not fall into temptation(grocery stores are the devil).Try to stick with exactly what is on your list and if you can't try to limit it to two extra items(if they are on sale,that is even better)
Eat before you shop
I have found that when I go shopping when I am hungry I am much more like to snack the whole time shopping.Also,you're more likely to buy more junk when you go with a hungry mind.-

I'm open to hear any tips you may have.So,comment and tell me your smart shopper tips!


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