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Roasting marshmallows

So,we had a portable grill we used for our fire and it worked great.We wanted to something fun for the kids that  didn't cost alot and we had so much fun!So,here's what we did....I got marshmallows,hersheys,and graham crackers.We already had a little grill so we used that and gathered sticks and leaves we had around the house(your child can help you with that)and put them in the grill.We also had some kabob sticks that we had(if you soak them in water they won't burn).We were going to wait until it got really dark but I didn't want the kids to go to sleep right after eating smores.So here's how it went....

We kept having to remind Julian to not put the marshmallow in the fire!

 Yes,Jaxson and I ate them all!

Julian was actually putting the marshmallow on.He had more fun putting hte marshmallow on and roasting it than eating it.He ate one and gave me the rest of them to eat.Yes,I got kinda nasueas after eating all of them.
He kept on until the fire was completely out!


country pumpkins September 20, 2011 at 3:36 PM  

Doesn't he look too cute with his jammies and boots on?

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