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Top things we like to do on a rainy day..cont'd

1.A puppet show.
We just use stuffed animals since we don't have puppets;also we use brown paper bags and color the faces on.It would be cute to even glue some yarn on for hair.We get a sheet and tac and put it in a doorway.So fun and entertaining.You can teach many things through puppets(making friends,Jesus,etc.)
Kids love to help in the kitchen and it is even better when you can give them their own apron and chef hat.(you could always let them make their own with paper and glue.)
3.Treasure hunt.
Check out my other post(A hunting we will go)and get creative with it!
4.Play in the rain.
Julian absolutely loves the rain and loves to splahs in the puddles so try to relax a little and let those kids get dirty!
We do crafts nearlydaily and we have a drawer that is strictly craft stuff.The last rainy day craft we did was a "my favorite things"book.I used construction paper and folded them in half(you can staple or hole punch and run yarn through it)and we got some magazines and he picked out all the things he loves such as puppies,cookies,etc.and i cut it out and he glued them in his little book.He enjoyed it but but i think it would be better for a child over three.
6.movie and popcorn.
That's a nice way for mom to get some quiet time also!:)
7.Go through picture albums.
Julian loves to look at pictures and naming everyone in the picture.Find some from birthday parties,halloween,etc.He loves to see pictures of hisself e.specially

What are your favorite rainy day activities to do with your children?I am always looking for new things to do!


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